5 Interior Design Trends for 2018

Without doubt, last year’s post 5 of The Biggest Interior Trends of 2017 was the most popular blog post by far! So for all you decoristas who are staying well ahead of the curve I’ve complied a list of the top … Continue reading

4 Interior Trends for Summer 2017

It may be raining outside but in my mind it’s Summer! Here’s the hottest Summer trends for 2017. Millenial Pink I’m sure by this point you’ve come across the term Millenial Pink. It doesn’t refer to one particular colour. It … Continue reading

5 of the Biggest Trends of 2017

I know, I know! They’re only back in school and I’m already talking about 2017. But it’s nice to get a headstart 😉 Green Envy Emerald, Olive, Apple, it’s all on trend. However the biggest green of 2017 will be … Continue reading

6 Steps to Create a Spa Bathroom

Is there a better way to spend a dark and cold Autumn night than soaking in a hot bubble bath? It’s one of my favourite things to do through Autumn and Winter. With this in mind, when I was designing … Continue reading

The Easiest Veg Garden Ever – No Soil Required!

A few years ago I was mad into growing my own veg. Unfortunately it’s gone by the wayside a bit. There’s nothing more satisfying than walking out to your garden and picking fresh vegetables for that day’s dinner. In saying … Continue reading

Hot Home Trends for 2016

Lots of these trends began to emerge last year. This year we are going to see them everywhere! I’m not really one for following trends in interiors, fashion or in any aspect really. I think your style is something really personal. … Continue reading

Is this your Dream Home? Pinterest, says it is!

Pinterest has gathered their most popular pins for the home. Personally I’m addicted to Pinterest! I love it for inspiration for home decor, crafts, make-up, fashion… The list is endless. So this is the world’s dream home! House This is the house … Continue reading