Your Home Decor Horoscope – SCORPIO

Scorpio you mystify us all. Maybe it’s due to your amazing self awareness and control. Plus that you’re a secretive daredevil! As a Scorpio you love to make a statement. A bold, fearless statement at that. You dare to fill … Continue reading

Irish Design – Meet Ail + El

Ail + El is the creative brain child of best buds Aileen Balfe and Eleanor McCaughey. In a couple of short years Ail + El have a solid reputation in the Irish design sector. Their creations are all about form … Continue reading

Your Home Decor Horoscope -LIBRA

As a Libra, you’re represented by weighing scales. This makes total sense! You love balance. People think you’re indecisive but you’re just weighing up all your options. However once you make a decision, you stick to it. Photo: Harmony & … Continue reading

5 of the Biggest Trends of 2017

I know, I know! They’re only back in school and I’m already talking about 2017. But it’s nice to get a headstart 😉 Green Envy Emerald, Olive, Apple, it’s all on trend. However the biggest green of 2017 will be … Continue reading

Your Home Decor Horoscope – VIRGO

Well aren’t you the strong silent type Virgo 😉 As a Virgo you’re all about form and function. Everything in your home is simple with a utilitarian beauty. Virgo’s ideal home will be minimalist, organised and peaceful. To create a cool … Continue reading

6 Steps to Create a Spa Bathroom

Is there a better way to spend a dark and cold Autumn night than soaking in a hot bubble bath? It’s one of my favourite things to do through Autumn and Winter. With this in mind, when I was designing … Continue reading

How To Create A Mindful Home

Mindfulness is having a bit of a moment. Now when I hear it, I automatically think of goji berries, kale and hipster. It’s a shame. Even if you don’t practice mindfulness, it’s important to have a mindful home. Your home should be … Continue reading