DIY Cork Notice Boards

The guest room is really an office space. I wanted to create an ‘ideas wall’ where I could pin notes, pictures and anything that inspired me. My initial idea was to install cork board across the wall. Cork boards deemed almost impossible to source. When I did find them the delivery costs were colossal! Since my funds didn’t stretch this far I tried to think of alternative ideas. I came up with what must be the cheapest and easiest Ikea hack ever! Yes, ever. Like of all time! πŸ˜‰

To make the DIY Cork Notice Board, you’ll need:

  1. Cork Pot Stands/Trivets (I got mine in Ikea. They were €4 for a pack of 3. I bought 3 packs. You can see them here).
  2. Masking Tape
  3. Paint & Brush
  4. Sharpie

You can adapt this DIY project to suit your style. You can paint as many as you like, go crazy with colour and patterns or keep it simple.

Step 1

Lay your cork boards out and decide on your patterns and paint. I chose to decorate 3 and leave 6 as is.

I put 4 pieces of tape on the board. Making one stripe wider than the other.

When I painted one stripe blue and one black, I removed the tape immediately.


Step 2

I taped up the next board to make 2 rectangles.


Step 3

I used the roll of masking tape roll to draw a circle with a sharpie. Then I filled it in with paint.

Step 4

When it came to mounting the boards on the wall, I had nothing in the house to use! So I ended up doubling over the masking tape and sticking it to the back of the boards. Then I put the boards on the wall, pressed firmly. Months later they’re still there! Although I don’t think this is a long term plan. You could use double sided tape or picture mounting strips to mount your boards.


And that’s it! How easy was that?



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