5 Interior Design Trends for 2018

Without doubt, last year’s post 5 of The Biggest Interior Trends of 2017 was the most popular blog post by far! So for all you decoristas who are staying well ahead of the curve I’ve complied a list of the top interior trends for 2018.

Pastels as Neutrals

Pastels will be used as neutrals. We’ve seen an abundance of millennial pink, rose quartz and serenity blue in the last year or two. In 2018 these pastel colours will replace grey, as the trendy neutral tone. Team them with intense colours such as deep greens and navy.

Rees Design 2018 Interior Trends Design Sponge.jpg

Photo: Design Sponge/Simone Isaksen

Black is the New Black

Last year I talked about black metal becoming a big trend. It made its way into cutlery, window frames and furniture, which will grow even more in 2018. Next year black will be spreading its wings. It will be a big trend in kitchens. This will be perfect for large open plan spaces, anchoring the room.

Rees Design 2018 Interior Trends Black Home Lust.jpg

Photo: Home Lust Black Teak Bench €680

Central Perk

All Friends fans rejoice! This is your moment. If you could take the set of Central Perk coffee shop and plonk it in your living room, you’re bang on trend. Team plush velvet fabrics with fringe details. Use earthy tones like orange, mustard, olive and brown. We’ll be taking inspiration from the nineties and early noughties, while (thankfully) a little diluted.

Rees Design 2018 Interior Trends Friends.jpg

Gold Digger

Gold accents will still be playing a huge part in our interiors in 2018. Expect to see gold in textured wallpapers(which will also become more popular in 2018). If you’re not prepared to use gold wallpaper, try something like the gold dot stickers I used in the guest room. Plus they’re easy to take off, so you can reuse them.

Green Goodness

Greens were a massive trend for 2017 and it’s going to get bigger in 2018. Just follow the food trend and you can’t go wrong! Avocado, olive, sage, kale and throw in a couple of plants like eucalyptus and pine green. These colours are fabulous with pastel pink, blue and green. They also look amazing with grey and intense colours like mustard, ox blood red and navy.

Rees Design 2018 Interior Trends Green and pink.jpg

Photo: Pinterest

All of these trends are really easy to implement and are complimentary to each other. Try teaming two or three of them together for the ultimate trendy interior.



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