DIY Stainless Steel Splash Back

I went back and forth for a little while over what material to use for the kitchen splash back. I wanted something to balance the country cottage look. Through a process of elimination we settled on stainless steel.  I love the reflective quality and the raw, industrial feel.

Stainless Steel Splash Back Rees Design

This was decided yonks ago! We just hadn’t gotten around to it. Then I was contacted by Gorilla Glue asking if I wanted to try their products. This gave me a kick in the bum to get going on it! I asked for Gorilla Construction Adhesive.

We measured the space and ordered the stainless steel. A large piece for behind the cooker and then two strips for either side, to run along the worktop. The three pieces were around €70. When the Gorilla package arrived I was a little disappointed to see only one tube. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ungrateful! I wasn’t expecting a hamper but I thought one tube wasn’t going to get us too far.

Stainless Steel Splash Back Rees Design Gorilla Glue

We followed the instructions, to apply the adhesive in a zigzag manner. We applied it fairly liberally. We then placed it to the wall and held for around 2 minutes. Then we did the same with the two strips.

The entire job was completed in around 15 minutes. I absolutely love it. It bounces light back around the kitchen and picks up the detail of the chrome handles on the cabinets. As regards cleaning and maintenance, I’ll have to get back to you on that one. It’s only up on the wall a week and to be honest there hasn’t been an awful lot of cooking going on here.

You won’t hear me say this too often, I was wrong! *shudders* The one tube of adhesive went extremely far. There’s even still a little bit left. So perhaps the Gorilla guys knew more than I did…



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