6 Design Must Haves in Kids’ Rooms. 

As a person with no kids feel free to curse me now! (I’m guessing fur babies don’t count here). However I was once a child myself 😉 I also have 7 nieces and nephews. One of which said she was going to get me a baby for my birthday, seeing as I didn’t have one!

When it comes to designing a kid’s bedroom these 6 things are really important.

1. Neutral Walls

It must be extremely tempting to go wild with colour in a kid’s room. But this is something you’ll thank me for later! We all sleep better in a bedroom with neutral colours. Keep the wall colour to whites, beiges or soft greys for a sound sleep.

2. Night Light

While we’re on the subject of sleeping, a night light can be very beneficial. If your child isn’t comfortable falling asleep in complete darkness add a night light. Most night lights come with a timer. Plus some look as cool as this one from Lovely Wall Letters. 

3. Area Rugs

Most parents choose wooden flooring in kids’ Rooms for obvious reasons. An area rug can be a really lovely addition. It creates warmth, absorbs sound, adds texture and can be a great way to bring in colour and pattern.

4. Reading Nook

Lots of parents and children have bedtime stories. When your kids are old enough to read, a reading area in their room is great. Creating a reading nook is really easy. Put shelves or ledges at a height the child can reach and fill it with their favourite books. Add a comfy rug, cushions and a cozy blanket. You never know, they might even nod off 😉

5. Full Size Furniture

OK so miniature wardrobes may be one of the cutest things on earth. In saying that they can be expensive and you can only use them for the first few years. Invest in a regular size wardrobe from the beginning. Instead of buying a changing unit, use a chest of drawers or desk that you can use later on.

6. Storage

You can never ever have enough storage. Especially if you don’t have a dedicated playroom. A child’s room is usually jammed full of toys. Add additional storage under the bed with drawers or boxes. Use lots of shelves and pegs on the walls. Add quirky storage solutions like suitcases, baskets, crates or this cool trolley from Lamb Design.

I hope these six design elements help your little ones enjoy their space even more. If you are looking for some inspiration check out  these inspiring kids rooms  from nurseries right up to teens.




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