4 Interior Trends for Summer 2017

It may be raining outside but in my mind it’s Summer! Here’s the hottest Summer trends for 2017.

Millenial Pink

I’m sure by this point you’ve come across the term Millenial Pink. It doesn’t refer to one particular colour. It can be called blush, pastel, baby, powder, peach, dusky… you get the idea. It’s a colour that has been embraced by millenials through hair colour, fashion, food and interiors. Just think of pastel hair, pink macaroons, flamingos, Sketch London and nearly everything you’ve seen on Instagram for the last year!

13116560_1077439122314268_732490905_n(1).jpg Photo: Sketch

Pantone declared Rose Quartz one of their leading colours for 2016. And sure we all know if Pantone says so… 😉

How can you use Millenial Pink?

Millenial Pink is really a great accent colour and (almost) a neutral. It looks amazing teamed with tan, khaki, grey, blues, off-white, olive, mint, gold, brass and copper. If you don’t want to take the trend too far try some blush scatter cushions, a throw or kitchen accessories.

Rees Design Summer Trends 2017 Zara Home

Photo: Zara Home – Mohair Blanket €99.99

 Tropical Popical

The tropical, jungle trend has become way more popular than I anticipated! I don’t know why but I’m just not feeling the whole gold pineapple thing. On the other hand plenty of you are 🙂

Rees Design Summer Trends 2017 Penneys.jpg

Photo: Penneys

What I do like about jungle inspired interiors is it’s fun, colourful and kitsch.

How can you use Tropical?

The Tropical trend can be done in small doses but it has a massive impact when you go all out. You can add some botanical prints and scatter cushions to a neutral interior, to give a sophisticated take on the trend. For the braver soul add pops of colour with flamingos, pineapples and clashing prints. Just be sure to balance these out with natural colours and textures like timber, cottons and sisal.

Rees Design Summer Trends 2017 H and M Tropical

Photo: H&M

Boho Vibes

Now this trend I can get on board with! I love that chilled, 70’s bohemian look. Both in fashion and interiors. This trend has been around for a little while and will continue throughout the year but it’s at its best during Summer.


Photo: Homesense/TK Maxx

How can you use Boho?

To perfect the Boho trend this summer think hammocks, macramé, outdoor dining and textures. You can nail the boho look using either neutral colours or a bright palette.  When opting for a neutral interior make sure to ground the design by using small accents of black. If your going down the colourful route use colours like pink, orange, blues and greens and clash, clash, clash!

Rees Design Summer Trends 2017 Hammockology.jpg

Photo: Hammockology – I NEED this hammock! My birthday is in July by the way 😉

Wicker. Yes Really.

The time is now to swipe that wicker furniture that your parents are hiding in the shed since the nineties. Or maybe even since the seventies. It’s back with bang! The love for wicker, rattan and bamboo furniture is probably stemming from the Boho trend.

Rees Design Summer Trends 2017 Home Lust.jpg

Photo: Home Lust

How can you use Wicker?

It’s the perfect addition to your outdoor space and even indoors. If a your budget isn’t to healthy have a look in charity shops and selling pages. There’s usually loads available. Style it with chunky wool blankets, cotton throws and boho inspired cushions, for cozy evenings under the stars.

Rees Design Summer Trends 2017 1.jpg

Photo: Ikea

All of these trends are easily implemented. For a more long term plan see more 2017 interior trends here. Despite the typical Irish Summer we’re having right now, I’m preparing for sunnier days ahead.



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