DIY Black Metal Bookcase

DIY Bookcase

If you’re an acquirer of pretty things (hoarder) like me, you need lots of storage! I managed to keep most of the rooms in the cottage clutter free. So where did it go? To the guest room/office/dumping ground of course. We live in a teeny, tiny house so storage is really important, as is the budget.

We started off with two Hyllis from Ikea. They cost €12 each. I picked up a couple of cans of spray paint in Simoniz Black Satin from Ashgrove Interparts. I think they were around €10 each. And then two window boards from our local hardware store Topline Bolands. The window boards were the most expensive part @ €40 each. However they were the perfect depth and thickness, with a planed finish.


The shelving unit is galvanised steel, which looks pretty cool. But nothing is straight forward around here and I wanted to give them a black metal look. I started off by spray painting the units. For the best finish, I applied 5 or 6 light coats.

Himself set to work on the rest 😉 When I had placed the units where I wanted them, he put the lengths of timber on the shelves and marked out where to saw a small slit. This allowed for the metal frame.

This was repeated for each shelf, except the top shelf. The top shelf just sits on top of the units. We secured it to the units with a few screws. The photo below shows the mounds of ‘valuables’ dumped everywhere. That’s not even the half of it.



It’s a simple as that! I had intended on staining the shelves. But when I saw them on the unit I really liked the simple finish. Depending on the finish of your timber you may want to paint them or give them a more expensive look with stain or wax.

So here’s the finished project.

I would have loved to styled them. My heart was breaking as heaped all the junk onto them. But they look pretty cool and hold an insane amount of stuff! Plus, they turned out how I had envisaged them. That’s always a bonus 😉



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