The Cottage – The Kitchen

When choosing a kitchen for the cottage, we already had a style in mind. It needed to warm, welcoming and comfortable. We wanted something timeless, easy to keep and units that would suit the cottage. We went for a classic shaker style kitchen. It wasn’t exactly my first choice but it was close.

My first choice was this beauty.


It’s the Lyndale kitchen from Cash & Carry.  I loved the in-frame style and the overall look of these units. The only thing I wouldn’t have chosen was the cooker hood. For me, it was too traditional. So with my heart set on it, we sat down with the kitchen designer. It took approx. 2.5 seconds to realise it was way out of our budget! So we took a wander around the showroom again. I dragged myself around like a toddler on the verge of a tantrum.

The Kitchen

Since I couldn’t have exactly what I wanted, we did what we had done all along. Compromised. It seems compromise has become a dirty word. But the fact was if we couldn’t afford it, we couldn’t have it. So we took on the attitude of ‘fake it ’til you make it’. We chose the Shaker kitchen. We simply changed the handles and worktop. It worked out about 1/3 of the price! Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not the same but it gave us the look I wanted. We opted for a mid-grey with chrome handles and a ceramic sink.

From day one Himself wanted Smeg appliances. It married perfectly with the contemporary country vibe of the cottage. We went with the cream refrigerator and small range cooker. After using the cooker in the mobile for three years I feel like a cooking goddess. I can now burn all the food evenly 😉


We had our roman blinds and curtains custom made. The fabrics on the windows soften the room with all the hard finishes. I opted for a neutral palette throughout the room, so it can easily be updated with accent colours. I tend to get bored very quickly so this is quick and cheap solution, for when I next change my mind.

The Dining Area

From the first day we started brainstorming I wanted a dining nook. I wanted a casual area, where everyone could squeeze in and relax. To save on costs we built the bench seating ourselves. You can see that here. We searched forever for a dining table. We couldn’t find one that was the right size, style and price. So we did what we often do, made it ourselves.


We used Annie Sloan Dark Wax on the table surface. It a cheap and easy way to seal the wood. Also if there’s a stain or lots of wear and tear, you can just give it a light sand and wax again. Linseed oil would have been a good option too, for the same reasons. The cushions on the dining bench are primarily beige and grey, with accents of mint and blush pink. I chose to keep in quite neutral so I can change the accent colours for a totally different look. I already have navy velvet lined up. I’ll probably team it with a deep green for the Autumn.

The Cosy Corner

In the corner we have a cute enamel stove. It gives an insane amount of heat! I picked up a chair in the charity shop for a fiver and reupholstered it in neutral houndstooth and check fabrics.

This has become Butter’s chair.

There’s still some styling to be done. Unfortunately that didn’t make the cut for the budget. All in good time… This is now my mantra!



6 thoughts on “The Cottage – The Kitchen

  1. I love it ALL!!!
    The Dining Nook is just gorgeous, Ciara!! I love the way you’ve kept it open so you can pop a few more chairs around it if needed.
    I’m well jel of the dream fridge & it looks absolutely perfect there, doesn’t it?
    May you have many happy meals together here, with family & friends xxxx


  2. Oh, Ciara, it’s so lovely! The table you guys made is just smashing, as is your upholstered chair. The room is so beautiful right now, but I’m also looking forward to seeing how you style it differently over time – I’m already loving the sound of the navy and deep green.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was so happy with how the table turned out as there was no plan b! 😂 I’m almost counting down the days to Autumn for the deeper colours 😍 The covers are made and ready to go!


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