The Cottage – We’ve moved in!

We’re in! 🙂 It took us a year and half, numerous ‘discussions’, most of our moola and probably our sanity. But it was worth it!

We’re by no means finished. I know everyone says “you’ll never be finished”. But we’re really not. We still have to get the stone on the exterior. We’ve yet to even look for some. We’ve no wardrobes. We have a real life floordrobe. And there’s loads of styling and finishing to do in every room. But we’re so happy with everything we’ve accomplished so far.

The Bathroom Reveal

The bathroom was designed in my mind, long before we ever started. I wanted a relaxed, timeless and spa-like space.

It was important for me to get the layout right. I wanted to have the bathtub run the width of the room, so the line of the eye was continued right through the room. The floor tiles are a timber effect ceramic tile from Right Price Tiles in Bray. This is where we picked  up the wall tiles too. I love the colour and texture. The top image above is truer to the actual colour. We went for a stack bond pattern with the wall tiles. I wanted to give it a contemporary but classic look. These tiles won’t be changed for a very looonnggg time 😉

For a spa-like bathroom I wanted clean lines and soft textures. The sink unit was from my childhood bedroom. I used it for my TV and stored my DVDs in it. #oldskool 😉 It wasn’t what I initially wanted (you can see that here) but now I prefer this one!

The mirror is Ikea Stockholm mirror for €70. I love the shape and size of the mirror. It’s very dominant in the space and adds some drama. The towel rails are vintage potato boxes I picked up at a local car boot sale. At the time I had no idea what they were, I just loved the shape. While strolling around scouting for more bargains, an elderly man stopped me and told me all about them. It made me love them even more!

The celestial map is one of my favourite things about the bathroom. It’s a really cheap way to add interest to any room. I bought the map in Avoca for around €4 (it’s actually gift wrap paper) and put it a frame I had hanging around here for yonks! They have lots of other quirky papers. I also picked up a dog themed one. I just haven’t found a home for it yet. The Orla Kiely dressing gown has been worn twice. It’s permanent home is on the back of the door because it’s so pretty. It brings in beautiful colours and texture. It’s like the fluffy white towels hanging from the potato boxes that are NEVER to be touched!

There’s still more styling to do here. The bathroom is screaming out for a plant. I’ve lots of little bits to add but we’re getting there.

I’ll get the next post up as soon as possible. The kitchen maybe? 🙂



4 thoughts on “The Cottage – We’ve moved in!

  1. Congratulations Ciara! It looks amazing. The shower area is very clever, and I love that the sink unit is something you’ve had since childhood. And the potato crates! What a great story.
    BTW, you’re streets ahead of where we were when we moved in. There were still bare concrete floors and no kitchen. It was like camping indoors for the first while! 😂

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