Your Home Decor Horoscope – CAPRICORN

You’re a grounded, self disciplined star sign, with exceptional taste. Capricorns love to make a list of goals. Even better, you work hard to achieve them.

You love good quality pieces and everything you have is well chosen. If your budget doesn’t meet your high standards, scout out furniture auctions, charity shops and your parents’ attic. Have your second-hand furniture reupholstered. Choose a high end fabric and customise the finish to suit your style.


Photo: My Design Chic

Your quest for quality often leads you towards traditional, classic design. Invest in a tan sofa and team it with navy wingback chairs. These are your colours!

Photo: Article | Alice Lane Home

You like to feel grounded. To achieve this in your home decor opt for darker floors and furniture and lighter walls.


Photo: ID Home

You work hard and you need the appropriate space to do this. If you have a spare room, transform it into a home office. If not, create an office space in the living room or kitchen.


Photo: Abduzeedo

Choose a solid desk. It will make you feel like you can take on the world!



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