Your Home Decor Horoscope – SAGITTARIUS

Sagittarius you have a fire in your belly and you’re always on the move. You’re consumed by wanderlust. Even if it’s a Sunday drive. You love adventure and the freedom of the open road.

As a fiery outspoken Sagittarius your home reflects your personality. You like bright, solid colours and avoid anything insipid or unsure.

Photo: Pinterest

You love to discover new things and places. Your home displays the collectables from your amazing adventures and learning paths. Use vintage suitcases to store your treasures and show your love of travelling. Use globes and vintage maps to plan your next move.


Photo: Pop Sugar

Sagittarius are known as an outdoorsy type. Fill your home with beautiful plants and flowers. Bringing the outdoors in and smelling the floral scents will satisfy your craving.


Photo: Roomed

Your laidback nature is perfect for the boho trend. Think lots of colourful fabrics, warm textures, a mountain of cushions and surround yourself with all favourite things.



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