Your Home Decor Horoscope – SCORPIO

Scorpio you mystify us all. Maybe it’s due to your amazing self awareness and control. Plus that you’re a secretive daredevil!

As a Scorpio you love to make a statement. A bold, fearless statement at that. You dare to fill your home with dark and sultry colours.


Photo: French Fancy

You love deep, dark palettes. For Scorpios the ideal colours are burgundy, dark green and black.


Photo: We Are Scout

Scorpios like to surround themselves with luxurious fabrics. Try heavy velvets or black silk on your curtains. As blinds will never do, for you! Use statement fabrics with opulent textures on scatter cushions for a dramatic effect.


Photo: Laura Butler-Madden

You cherish your alone time. Preferably in a secretive space. If you don’t have the luxury of a secret room, you enter through the book shelves or a forest hideaway, make yourself a reading nook. Surround yourself with all the books you love and invest in a large, comfy chair. Vital requirements for some ‘me time’.



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