Your Home Decor Horoscope -LIBRA

As a Libra, you’re represented by weighing scales. This makes total sense! You love balance. People think you’re indecisive but you’re just weighing up all your options. However once you make a decision, you stick to it.


Photo: Harmony & Design

Libras are all about having a harmonious home. As an air sign you love spaces that flow well and feel light and bright.


Photo: Digs Digs

Choose a neutral colour palette of white, grey and taupe. Follow it through the entire house, while adding accents of various blues for a serene, peaceful colour scheme.


Photo: Stylizimo

You’re all about style and value. Invest in timeless furniture with an air of elegance. Select something like a Chesterfield sofa. It’s a classic design, especially when upholstered in a linen or velvet fabric.


Photo: Alexander & Pearl

As a Libra, you are the most artistic star sign. To help with measuring up your options create a Pinterest board or even an ideas notebook or mood board. This should provide the inspiration for your harmonious home, filled with all the people you love to make happy.



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