5 of the Biggest Trends of 2017

I know, I know! They’re only back in school and I’m already talking about 2017. But it’s nice to get a headstart 😉

Green Envy

Emerald, Olive, Apple, it’s all on trend. However the biggest green of 2017 will be dark green. The perfect way to pull off this trend is to apply it to your furniture. Have your sofa reupholstered in a dark green velvet or paint your sideboard or coffee table in a rich green. Team rich, dark greens with jewel tones. Keep the background of your interior neutral with off whites or light greys for balance.

Tones of green remind us of nature and growth. It’s a fantastic palette to promote good energy and wellbeing.

Photo: Free People | Career Girl Daily

Wall Art

For the last few years we’ve been inundated with quote wall art. 2017 will see much of them fall to the wayside. Especially the ‘Keep Calm & …’ posters. Phew!

In its place we’ll see lots of maps. From vintage maps, to subway maps, every kind of map. Maps make beautiful art. Plus they’re informative. Win, win!

Photo: Apartment Therapy | Jam Art Prints | AfrochaDesign

The beauty of black and white is timeless. I’ve planned to fill our hallway with B&W photography. It’s classic, arty and impactful. It’s also the perfect excuse to print all those photos, that you’ve been meaning to 😉

Photo: My Domaine | Gravity Home

Mediterranean Vibes

Terracotta Tiles. Stop cringing! I’m not talking about those awful slabs of glazed tiles from the 1990’s. Instead 2017 will see sublime unglazed, natural terracotta tiles in contemporary shapes.

Photo: My Paradissi | TheFooDogAteMyHomework

2016 was definitely the year of copper. Cheap versions will be non-existent next year. However quality pieces are always on trend. 2017 is the year of black steel. This I’m excited about. It adds fantastic depth to any design.

Photo: Home Design Etc | DWR | Home Design Etc

For the last few years everyone is going insane for the fig leaf tree. Not being green fingered, I’m fairly confident I’d kill it off within hours. Thankfully a hardier tree, that’s ideal for Irish indoors is the Olive tree. It’s delicate leaf and whimsical appearance is making the Olive tree the greenery of 2017.

Photo: Homesthetics | Honestly WTF

Cork is such a fantastic material. 2017 will see cork used on floors, walls and furniture. Just not all at the same time! Cork is ideal for open plan living as it absorbs noise. No more echo!

Photo: Mood House | Camera Link | Bambula



I think burnished metals will be a love/hate situation. Personally, I love it. That tinge of blue/green on burnt copper, beaten metals and true patina. It will dominate a lot of accessories in 2017. If you want to stay ahead of the curve try using it on kitchen cabinets or splashbacks.

Photo: Home Lust | Hello Sukio

Earthy tones are grounding and relaxing. Layer up various tones of beige, stone and tan. Keep it interesting by incorporating lots of textures. This trend is great teamed with green envy or boho (below).

Photo: Aventure Deco | Gravity Home

Yep, it’s still here. And I still love it. For all of us that are hippies at heart, this one is for us. We’re almost revisiting the nineties again. Eclectic decor with kilim rugs and cushions, flea market finds and dream catchers. Heaven!

Photo: Lindsay Marcella | Modern Villa

Hide Away

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m not a fan of open plan living. I can’t stand cooking smells, wafting throughout the entire space. 2017 will see the return of defined living spaces. If you’re working with an open plan space and would like to make it cosier use you furniture. Create ‘walls’ with sofas and console tables. Define spaces by using a rug in the seating area or under the dining table. If you’re seeking escapism when you get home, create a reading nook or corner, where you can chill out.

Photo: One Kindesign | Remodelaholic | The Curious Bumblebee

These aren’t set rules for any of us to follow. More often than not, I don’t follow trends. Looking at upcoming trends can give us inspiration. It usually gives me house envy. Where I want to tear mine apart and start again. And I haven’t even finished it yet!



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