Your Home Decor Horoscope – VIRGO

Well aren’t you the strong silent type Virgo 😉

As a Virgo you’re all about form and function. Everything in your home is simple with a utilitarian beauty. Virgo’s ideal home will be minimalist, organised and peaceful.

To create a cool and calm interior invest in some great storage. After all you are a bit of a neat freak 😉


Photo: Pinterest

You Virgo are a nurturing soul. You love to grow and care for things. As an earth sign surround yourself with lots of flowers and houseplants. Even create a little herb garden in your kitchen.


Photo: Mliees

Choose furniture with clean lines, in neutral colours. A Virgo’s interior should be layers of warm grays and whites with accents of subtle pinks, light blues or golds.

Photo: Oliver Gustav |  Leibal

As a lover of detail, with a creative mind and the standards of a perfectionist, you can sometimes take on too much. Start to delegate some of those tasks and projects you want to complete around your home.



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