6 Steps to Create a Spa Bathroom

Is there a better way to spend a dark and cold Autumn night than soaking in a hot bubble bath? It’s one of my favourite things to do through Autumn and Winter. With this in mind, when I was designing our own bathroom I took inspiration from a spa. I wanted somewhere with natural tones, a relaxing atmosphere and a contemporary finish. I’ll post the finished product when we get there! In the meantime check out these 6 easy steps to creating your very own spa bathroom.

 1 Neutral Tones

In most settings, I’m not a fan of neutral colours. However when you’re creating a spa bathroom it’s a given. If you decorate with bold colours, you’ll find it harder to relax. Neutral tones don’t have to be boring though. You can keep it classic with lots of layers of beige and brown or give your spa bathroom a contemporary makeover with subtle tones of greens, pinks or blues teamed with grey, white or greige. Either way choose what you find relaxing.


Photo: House of Turquoise

2 Warm Textures

Due to practicality bathrooms tend to have lots of cold, hard surfaces, such as tiles, ceramics and metals. A simple way to soften the bathroom is to incorporate wood. Try a vintage wooden sink unit, wooden bath mat or if you’re feeling like a project add some shiplap panelling.


Photo: Home Design Etc.

 3 Keep It Contained

You will never see an untidy, unruly spa. If you do, ask for your money back! Your new mantra should be a place for everything and everything in its place. Most of us are short on space in the smallest room in the house. The best way to tackle this is to invest in some pretty containers. Hide your shower gel and rubber ducks in wicker or wooden baskets. Pick up some glass jars in various shapes and sizes, for smaller items like cotton pads, buds and bath salts. They look extra cute when grouped together. Also if fancy schmancy soaps and hand creams are out of your budget, decant them into glass bottles.


Photo: HGTV

4 Divine Scents

Is there anything more beautiful than that smell when you enter a spa? It’s relaxing, luxurious and rejuvenating. Fill your bathroom with a beautiful scent from a reed diffuser, candle or essential oils. A genius idea is tying a few sprigs of eucalyptus to your shower head. When the steam rises from the shower your bathroom will fill with the smell of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is also a fantastic natural decongestant. It’s like a session in the steam room!


Free People Eucalyptus Shower head

5 Lighting Levels

The lighting in a spa is always low, soft and relaxing. The easiest way to create the same ambience is to invest in a dimmer switch. You should keep both morning and evening light in mind. You can have it at full height in the morning to wake you up and dim the lights low in the evening for a relaxing bubble bath. Another way to recreate spa lighting is to have different lights on different switches. This is what we have done. The main pendant and wall lights are on one switch and the recessed lights over the bath are on another. Finally and most importantly lots of candles! Candles will set a relaxing tone and if they’re scented it’s a bonus.


Photo: Lucy Williams

6 Fluffy Fizz

This is without doubt the easiest and probably the most enjoyable step! Invest in some new, fluffy white towels. They’ll give your spa bathroom a luxurious feel, at a small price! Next treat yourself to some bubble bath and salts. Lie back in your tub and enjoy the tranquility. The last and most important step, lock the door and pop open a bottle of bubbly. You’re on a DIY spa break, it’s totally acceptable 😉


Photo: Decor Pad



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