The Cottage – Nearing The End

When I started writing this blog post a couple of weeks ago, I was talking about the slow progress since the last update. But… in the two or so weeks that it’s been living in the ‘drafts’ folder a sh*t load has happened!

So I had the pleasure of scrapping the last post and updating you with this!


In the kitchen the floor tiles are down. I wanted the kitchen to have a warm and relaxed atmosphere, so we opted for a wood effect tile. They give the visual warmth of timber and they’re ideal for heavy traffic areas. With himself and 3 dogs we need it!

We have the cutest little stove in the corner. The appliances are finished with cream enamel so I loved that the stove will coordinate. The hearth will be finished with slate tiles. If you’re planning on using slate tiles under a stove make sure to buy the correct thickness according to the weight of the stove. You don’t want your slate cracking under the weight! your supplier will advise you of the correct size.

I’ve chosen the fabrics for the kitchen. For the roman blinds and curtains I fell in love with a grey linen-type fabric. I’m going with a simple french pleat heading for the curtains. For the cushions on the dining bench I wanted to keep the colours subtle and  bring in various textures and patterns.I’ve teamed off-whites, greys and a little bit of blush pink. We’ve also built the dining bench. I’ll pop up a blog post on how we built the bench soon.


The bedroom has it’s floor down. We chose a laminate flooring from Boland’s in Gorey. To save a few bob we fitted the floor ourselves. And survived! Himself also used slate tiles on the hearth. The fireplace I showed you in the last update has been sent off to be sandblasted. Fingers crossed it comes back in one piece. 😉 All that’s left in here is to buy the fitted wardrobes and bed and I need to get on to the headboard.



The bathroom has seen the most progress. The wall and floor tiles are finished. We  painted the walls and they were HIDEOUS! In my defence we painted the walls before choosing the tiles. Although I still hang my head in shame. After a few tester pots I settled on Dulux Ha’penny Grey.

                                                                              Before                                                                                After

I had the most beautiful unit with a marble top for the sink to sit on. Unfortunately it was an inch too wide. I almost considered ripping up the tiles and moving the pipes to allow for it. I thought better of it. (I was afraid I’d be evicted by himself) 😉 I had a cute press in my parents’ house, that I used for my TV so we ventured in for it on Sunday. We returned with the unit and a few slices of apple tart. Not sure which of those I was happier with. The new unit fits perfectly and overall is a better option as it hides more of the ugly pipes.

                                                             It didn’t fit 😦                                                                   We love this now!

Living Room

The living room had become the designated dumping ground. With that title it had been fairly neglected. However himself put slate on the hearth. (We are getting some serious mileage from this slate!) He also installed the stone cladding on the inside. It was really easy to use. Well, it looked that way from the position of a spectator.

Up to a few days ago that was about it. Until the main stove was installed. We could finally clear everything out of the room and get the flooring down!

Guest Room

The room that can be finished last has seen the most progress. Typical! The guest room is powering along. I think this is because of two things. The first being there’s very little going into it. Secondly it’s the practice room. It was the first room to be painted, floored and now skirting boards. At least if anything goes awry we can close the door and never traipse in there again! I snapped up a vintage click-clack sofa bed on a buy & sell group on Facebook. I think I paid €60. I reupholstered the sofa in a mid-grey linen look fabric. The fabric is extremely hardwearing and machine washable. I love that it’s a nice seating area for everyday use and then can be unfolded into a bed for guests. Putting a full bed in this room would have been a waste of precious space, as I’m using this room as an office too. I picked up a secretaire on another  buy & sell group on Facebook. I think that was €60 too. I’m painting it in a black gloss. Given that I’ve painted the walls white I want the black furniture to ground the interior. We’ve used the same flooring as the living room. hallway and bedroom. The fabric for the blinds has been shipped off to the curtain maker. Once they arrive back, all that’s left is the styling.


Now that we’re nearing the end of the project it feels amazing! Hopefully it won’t be too long until I’m showing you the final result 😉



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