The Cottage – What A Difference A Year Makes

What a difference a year makes,8760 little hours.

I can’t believe we’ve been working on the cottage a year today! A lot has happened since. A lot has happened even since the last update. Bare with me, this could be a long one! I’ll break it down into exterior and interior.

The Exterior

The biggest thing is having the exterior of the cottage plastered. The plasterer powered through it in a week.

Just to remind you of how terrible it looked, here’s a before photo.


And the after…


It looks like a new house!

We went for a simple finish as the porch and side wall will have stone work. We’ve yet to shop for that!

With the exterior walls looking so smooth and clean, it gave me the urge to paint the front and back door. I had bought the paint months and months ago. (Probably wishful thinking back then). Both of us LOVE the colour blue, so we opted for Dulux Sweet Bluebird in Exterior Satin Wood. A 1 litre tin cost around €15 I think. I picked it up in Topline Bolands in Arklow. I had already primed the doors, a couple of weeks before. Both of the doors took two coats of paint. I used a brush rather than a roller and it went on like a dream. Much easier than the primer! The colour is a teeny bit darker than the photo shows. There was beautiful sunshine, so it was difficult to capture. (Great complaint) 😉


A couple of weeks ago we were kindly given 6 apple trees. We’ve planted them in the back garden. Our plan is to add more apple trees and fence them off, like a little orchard.



In the meantime we’ve had a delivery of our bathroom fixtures and fittings, stoves and all the plumbing bits and pieces, from SKC in Gorey. The lads in SKC were so helpful and extremely patient. Especially when they had to come back and collect things we’d changed our minds on (like a humongous stove) and deliver the new stuff. They were also the most competitively priced plumbing supplies we found. Always a bonus 😉

We’ve painted the kitchen, living room and bedroom.

I wanted to keep the bedroom dark and moody so I chose Dulux Merrion Grey.

Then we picked up this little gem for €50 at a salvage yard in Gorey. You wouldn’t believe how long we’d been looking for one!


The living room and kitchen are both painted in Dulux Country White. That was the easy bit! We painted Country White on the unit walls in the kitchen. The war began when choosing the grey paint for the dining area. After about 57,000 tester pots we opted for Dulux Ha’penny Grey. The next job is to build the bench and have the stove installed.


Now the best bit so far… the kitchen is finally in! After one, maybe two or more like ten delays. Here’s a sneaky peek. I’ll post a full update on the kitchen when all the appliances are in 😉


After a year of penny pinching, weekends spent sitting in and late nights working, seeing it all come together has been worth every single bit.



10 thoughts on “The Cottage – What A Difference A Year Makes

  1. It all looks fantastic!!! The blue you’ve chosen for the door is my fave colour and the peak of the kitchen gives a hint as to how fab it’s going to be!! We’ll be moving into our new house in a few weeks, can’t wait to get started on a bit of DIY 🙂

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  2. Oh wow Ciara! that kitchen is is beautiful, please show us tons and tons and tons of photos when you post about it. I love the colour you used on the door of your cottage and that fireplace is AMAZING.. Is it all cast iron or wood? It looks like a mixture of both. You got a great deal with it. I got a cast iron one recently from my sister and cant wait to use it.. somewhere. I’mthinking of putting a fake fireplace in my daughter’s room with battery candles etc.

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    • Thanks so much Marie 😃 the fireplace is cast iron. I think it’ll have to sandblasted, after many, many layers of paint! I love the idea of a faux fireplace 😍 my sister has one in her garden, with flowers planted in it. It looks very cute 😃


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