Pet Friendly Interior Tips

Am I the only one who feels like responding “I have fur babies”, when asked if you have children? When choosing all the finishes and furniture for the cottage, I find myself always wondering if this or that will suit the dogs. I figured I’m not the only one who does this, so I thought I’d put some interior tips together for a pet friendly home.

Some obligatory photos of my fur babies. Hoover, Ellie & Leon


I think it’s safe to say if you’ve ever had a pet before you know wall to wall carpets are the worst option. All those stray hairs will hide in the fibers. If there are any accidents carpets are a nightmare to clean. Opt for hard flooring like wooden floors or ceramic tiles. If you’re going down the wood flooring route, steer clear of solid wood. Laminate flooring is not only kinder to your pocket but there’s less chance of it scratching, staining and warping.

To add texture and warmth incorporate low pile area rugs. They’re easy to vacuum and you  bring it outside if there’s any little accidents! Using a rug will also stop your pet slipping and hush the noise. The sound of my dog Hoover’s nails on the wooden floor is like five pairs of stilettos marching down the hall!


Photo Credit: Homes To Love


If your pets are anything like mine they walk in covered in muck, shake it off and then lean against the walls. A soft sheen finish paint will take the wear and tear and is really easy to clean. If your pet is better behaved than mine you could probably get away with a washable matt paint.


Photo Credit: Dulux


The most important thing I would do is match the colour of your furniture fabric to the colour of your pets fur. This is also handy when choosing the rug too. I’ve gone for a mid grey on the sofa. Fingers crossed the white, brown and black hairs will merge to make it less obvious 😹 It’s a massive bonus to choose a washable fabric. Even if the fabric isn’t removeable you’ll know it’s safe to scrub it. If you have cats or your dog has long nails choose a tight weave fabric. It will make it more difficult for them to pluck the strands or fabric.

I know a lot of people think a leather or leatherette will be easy to keep and clean. Sorry to burst the bubble but it won’t! I have seen so many sofas scratched within days of their arrival. With a really high quality leather you can sometimes pass it off a patina but you’ll be shelling out big bucks for that kind of quality.


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Throws, throws and more throws. Stock up on lots of inexpensive throws and have them at the ready when your pooch comes in. It will save your flooring and furniture and they’re so easily cleaned. Your pets will love the warmth and comfort too.


Photo Credit: Hound Grey

Pet Beds

If you have more willpower than I do and can keep your pets off the furniture invest in a nice bed for them. Both cats and dogs love to have their own space where they feel comfortable and safe. It completely depends on your budget and skills as to what bed to give them. If you’re handy with your hands you could DIY a bed from pallets or if you’re feeling a little flush you could invest in a dog sofa to coordinate with your own!


Photo Credit: AlexanderWoodworx

And above all the lint roller! It will be your best friend (apart from your fur baby) 😉



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