The Easiest Veg Garden Ever – No Soil Required!

A few years ago I was mad into growing my own veg. Unfortunately it’s gone by the wayside a bit. There’s nothing more satisfying than walking out to your garden and picking fresh vegetables for that day’s dinner.

In saying that, I’m in no way green-fingered and it’s safe to say I’ve killed off more veg than I’ve had the pleasure to harvest!

Ikea are launching their indoor gardening collections Krydda & Vaxer in April.


Ikea say,

From tasty lemon basil to crispy red romaine lettuce. KRYDDA and VÄXER are our new series of indoor gardening kits, seeds, cultivators and accessories that’ll help you get sprouting and keep your garden growing in water. You don’t need soil, sunlight or even a spot outside! How it works? Just keep an eye on the water level. That’s all.

I’m beginning to believe, even I can’t mess this up! I don’t completely understand the science behind hydroponics but basically it substitutes soil with nutrient solutions. Here’s the easy instructions. You need to soak the foam pellets in water and pop them into the tray. Then plant your seeds on them.

After that just make sure they’re sitting in the window to get some sunshine and keep them watered. However if you can’t use your windowsill Ikea have created a light that acts like a mini sun.

When you’re seeds have sprouted, it’s time to transfer them to little pots that contain pumice stones and place them in the next tray.

Transferring them into different pots and trays may seem like hassle but I think this process will be great. It means I’ll have a constant supply of herbs and vegetables. As I can plant in the primary pots straight after transferring to the bigger ones. I have a tendency to plant everything at the same time. No patience!

To see exactly how it works, check out this video:

I’ll definitely pick these up in April. Ikea haven’t released the prices yet but sure it’s Ikea. The can’t be that expensive. I’ll let you know if I can keep the seedlings alive. Seriously, I only have to water them! 😉



9 thoughts on “The Easiest Veg Garden Ever – No Soil Required!

  1. What a lovely idea, I want to try this out mainly because it looks so pretty!! We grow a lot of fruit and veg outdoors but this is so decorative AND functional I think it would look great on our kitchen windows sill. I love it. Love your blog too and how the cottage is coming along so nicely. Very best of luck with it all.

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