The Cottage – It’ll Be All White On The Night!

Oh how I love a cheesy pun! Especially when I’m feeling this smug 😉 The walls have been plastered and primed.


The walls beforehand were pretty rough to say the least. After the plasterers worked their magic, we had to leave the walls to dry out for a couple of weeks. Then the fun started! We spent about a week, on and off, priming all the new smooth walls and ceilings.


I won’t lie! I didn’t prime the ceilings. Since I’m only 5’4″ in height and he’s 6’6″, he drew the short straw 😉 Phew! So then he painted all the ceilings too. Everywhere looks so white, bright and airy.

So now that a lot of the major stuff is completed, we’ve started shopping around for the interior. We’ve chosen all our bathroom fixtures and fittings. I’ve been really struggling to find bathroom lighting that I like. Anything that I loved seemed to be only stocked in America and cost a fortune to have shipped to Ireland. On Sunday we made a little trip to Woodies in Bray. I spotted these bathroom lights. They’re not what I originally had in mind. Yet I love the smokey grey glass and they’re in budget . The ceiling light is only €59.99 and the wall light is €34.99

Then we popped into Avoca in Kilmacanogue. Honestly I only popped in to pick up some rye bread. Well that’s what I told Himself 😉 On my way to get the bread I spotted the perfect pendant light for the dining area in the kitchen. The photo doesn’t do the light any justice. I was practically snapping the photo while still walking but you get the idea.


So the next main job is the plumbing and flooring. Then we’re almost there! 🙂



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