The Cottage – Ready To Get Plastered! The Walls, Not Me ;)

Oh I have so much to tell you! Since the last update the chimneys are plastered and roof is finally on. Hallelujah!


The woeful weather hindered the roof for weeks. Just before Christmas the last slate was secured. On the final day of work on the roof, we realised we were short hundreds of slates and still had to buy the ridge tiles. It wasn’t great timing for our pockets but seeing it finished definitely softened the blow.

Now that the roof is on, we’ve started on the inside of the cottage. First phase electrics and plumbing have been completed and the plasterboards and insulation are up.

After a cold and dusty morning Leon needed a serious caffeine fix!


Then we got onto the external doors. This created insane excitement! We’ve slammed the doors shut countless times just for fun. When the cottage was first built, the back door was a half door. So we followed tradition and fitted a mahogany half door. So far I think this is my favourite thing about the cottage. Unfortunately with the crazy weather we’ve had to put a board over it so I only managed to get a snap of the front door!


When I was uploading the photos for this post, I looked back on the first photos of the cottage. I couldn’t believe how much has changed! You can see it here.  It really feels like it’s all happening now 🙂


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