Is this your Dream Home? Pinterest, says it is!

Pinterest has gathered their most popular pins for the home.

Personally I’m addicted to Pinterest! I love it for inspiration for home decor, crafts, make-up, fashion… The list is endless.

So this is the world’s dream home!


This is the house we all want to live in. I’ll be honest I was surprised by this one. In saying that I’d be happy to walk through this front door every evening 🙂


Source: Pinterest/Home Bunch

Living Room

The most popular living room has soft grey walls, high ceilings and a neutral colour palette. The huge window gives lots of natural light and the open plan layout seems to everybody’s dream.


Source: Pinterest/ Credit: Bob Greenspan

Dining Room

The most pinned dining room is neutral and creates a great balance between rustic and glamour.


Source: Pinterest / Tin Barn Market


This traditional ivory kitchen is the most favoured on Pinterest. The marble counter top is really trendy right now but I was surprised the most popular kitchen was so traditional. Although you can’t go wrong with a classic 🙂


Source: Pinterest / Drury Designs


With the trend so far being bright, airy and neutral this ideal bedroom was a surprise. The dark wall creates a moody look which is great for a bedroom. The gallery wall above the bed is a fantastic way to add interest and a focal point without costing the earth.


Source: Pinterest / House of Rose


I love the most pinned bathroom! 🙂 The simple panelling and eclectic mix of pieces gives this bathroom bundles of personality while looking calm and fresh. The washstand is also pretty similar to what I’ve chosen for the cottage, so maybe I’m biased 😉


Source: Pinterest / Country Living

Dressing Area

Wow! I think this is every woman’s dream walk in wardrobe. There is some serious storage here. I love how the shelving has been designed to house boots, flats and heels.


Source: Pinterest / Elle


This home office is the majority’s dream. It’s bright and airy. The pop of aqua lifts the room but it needs more colour for my taste!


Source: Pinterest / The Inspired Room


Thinking of an attic conversion? I know most of us would automatically make it a bedroom but I love this lounge area. The neutral palette is complimented so well with the warm wood. And swing! Who wouldn’t want a swing? 🙂


Source: Pinterest / Apartment Therapy

What do you think? Is this your dream home? There’s definitely a lot I would change but I love the dining room, bathroom and attic. What’s your favourite?

x Cíara x


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