Living Room Mood Board

For the living room I’m staying traditional and cosy. I’ve really been struggling with this room. Not sure why, I just haven’t been feeling it, I guess!

It’s a really small room with a tiny window so natural light is an issue. I’ll be keeping the walls quite bright and neutral. I still haven’t chosen the colour yet 😕

 Fireplace, Sofa, Chair.

I was given a Chesterfield suite by a very kind person! (Thanks Elaine 🙂 ) It’s a 3 seater sofa, armchair and Queen Anne chair. At the moment they’re in a chenille fabric. My plan is to upholster the sofa and armchair in a light grey fabric. Fingers crossed this will camouflage some of the dog hair! I’ll upholster The Queen Anne in check and plain wool. And I plan on changing the 3 sofa cushions to two large seat cushions. I’m playing with the idea of panelling the fireplace. It will depend on the entire design of the room, which I’ve still to confirm!

In general I’m not a fan of neutral colours but himself is terrified of the colour wheel and patterns. Since he will also be living here I have to take that into account! But to my surprise and amazement he chose the patterned rug from Ikea! (above)

I’m keeping the base of the room quite neutral and want to lift it with window treatments and accessories. I’m looking at using an ikat fabric on the roman blind and having lots and lots of scatter cushions!

I want to add splashes of bold colours like yellow. I have my eye on this Habitat side table. I love the colour and I want a few contemporary pieces to really anchor the design. Who wouldn’t smile seeing this? 🙂


I’m so indecisive! 🙈 This is much easier when I’m not choosing for myself lol. I need to get shopping… and fast! Hopefully I’ll be posting a more concrete design soon 🙂

x Cíara x


3 thoughts on “Living Room Mood Board

  1. glad I’m not the only one – I haven’t a clue what to do with mine either. I put so much energy in the kitchen and haven’t put the same energy into the sitting room at all. I don’t even like the paint I chose for it. What you have chosen so far looks fab so I think your room will be great. Good luck with it!

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  2. Beautiful mood board, I love inspiration like this. I do the same thing when starting a project.

    I love that dark room you have on your mood board, I know you said you have a natural light issue, so you can’t take everything from it, but it is great inspiration.

    I agree with the splash of color to combat the neutral a bit, it will look great. Good Luck, look forward to seeing more inspiration.


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