Kate Moss – Interior Designer!


I’m late to the party on this one! (Sorry) Last week Kate Moss’s first venture into interior design was revealed.


It’s received some harsh criticism in the design world! There’s some aspects that I would change but that’s down to personal taste. Kate has achieved the basic design ‘rules’. Kate Grove of Grove Interiors was a close advisor during this design and I’m sure she steered Kate Moss in the right direction. To me, the glamorous, eclectic style screams Kate Moss!

Kate became involved in designing the barn house, in collaboration with YOO as she already had a solid friendship with John Hitchcox. She said “John [Hitchcox – the chairman of design company YOO] and I became friends through our love for the English countryside – and the pub! When he told me about the barn house in the middle of the silver birch wood I was intrigued and then excited to become part of the design team. We have created a luxurious haven in the woods, a perfect place to escape with family and friends.”


The barn house is being marketed as a second home in the peaceful countryside. If you have a measly £2.5 million you can snap it up 😉 With 5 bedrooms, double height living space and an outdoor pool it’s a bargain!


The design is bang on trend! The use of jewel colours with earthy tones creates a rich and homely space. The colour palette compliments the outdoors and creates a relationship with the surrounding one acre space. I can just imagine myself lounging back beside the pool, while the butler fetches a chilled glass of vino for me 🙂

Well  a girl can dream…

x Cíara x 


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