On the Hunt!

So there’s been loads going on! At the moment I’m taking a break from typing my business plan for Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur #IBYE. It’s something I should have been updating as the business grows. My original business plan almost doesn’t make sense any more! I’d encourage everyone with a business to apply next year. There’s even a category for best idea, so you don’t have to be up and running yet 🙂 You just end to be a young one! Since I just turned 30 I’ll be out of the running next year (this makes me feel extra old 😦 ) We received lots of advice in boot camp and one-to-one mentoring session later on. It’s amazing how much (and sometimes how little) you know about different aspects of your business when you have to sit down and talk about it.


It was great to see two other local businesses qualify for the county round and meet someone from college that hadn’t laid eyes on in years!!!


This little blog has also been nominated for a couple of awards! It’s so surprising and humbling any time someone makes the time and effort to nominate Rees Design. I’m truly grateful 🙂 So I’m on the hunt for votes. Both awards only have a day or so of voting left so I would love if you could take a little minute to vote in one or both awards below. Just click here for Amara #IBA15 and here for Blog Awards Ireland. Thank you ❤


Vote for Us Buttons 300x2503

Sure yas are a grand bunch 😉

x Cíara x


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