“I’ll be back” said the 80’s! – Weekend Project

I know Arnie said it but it was in the 80’s!

I was born in the mid 80’s so luckily I made it through fairly unscathed. I did however proudly sport a scrunchy until I was around 12 years old! We’ve seen the 80’s revival happening in the last couple of years. Returning are leggings, ripped jeans and Ray Bans. They also embraced the Shabby Chic trend which has been HUGE for the last 4+ years. But that’s not all to make a comeback… 😉


Dulux’s new paint range is inspired by the 80’s and technology. Think bright colours, geometric patterns and abstract. No not that bed linen every young lad had! It’s way cooler than that!

Dulux have created a step-by-step guide to create this look:


 I can imagine this in so many homes. It would work in almost every room. If your not a fan a so much colour I think this would be really effective in neutral tones. I’d love to see this done in a grey scale. 

All you need to achieve the simple effect is:

·         A tape measure

·         Spirit level

·         Low tack decorators masking tape

·         Plumb line

·         Tester pots of; Open House, Charteuse Charm, Floral Bunch, Sincere Brew, Party Surprise, Collective Coral and Sweet Orange

·         A small roller


Step by step


1)    Use the tape measure and level to mark out where you want the blocks of colour

2)    Use a pencil to mark what colours you want in each of the blocks

3)    If the blocks are touching one another then be sure to masking tape the edges for a clean finish

4)    Paint one colour onto the marked blocks and allow to dry

5)    Mask off adjoining blocks and fill in the next colour, painting one colour at a time for consistency

6)    Once dry, remove all masking tape

 Let me know if you try this!

x Cíara x


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