Lunch @ Romany Stone

After completing some work for Romany Stone a little while ago myself and himself thought we’d pop in for a bite to eat. Romany Stone only opened a few months ago in the beautiful village of Ashford in Co. Wicklow. It has a massive following already! It’s pretty easy to see why.

There’s a quaint cafe serving amazing cakes, lunches and coffees etc. Through the amazing Argentinian double doors is a restaurant and bar at the weekends. The interior is bang on trend. It has an eclectic style that’s rustic, warm and contemporary. It has that well-travelled feel, with lots of books dotted around so you can enjoy a read over a coffee (or wine).

It’s all about the textures and materials. The interior holds lots of metal, timber, leather and weaves. There’s a neutral palette of off-white, navy, tan and the odd jewel tone. All perfect for achieving that contemporary, rustic look. Check out my buttoned benches below. (Nothing like a bit of self promotion 😉 )

 We strolled in on a Sunday afternoon. I wasn’t at my usual ‘starving’ stage so I opted for soup. Himself had the beef. The presentation was cool and homely. I loved the novelty of the mini loaf that came with soup! All in all the taste matched the gorgeous appearance.

All definitely be going back but I’ll try dinner next time. Maybe a stroll around Mount Usher Gardens beforehand 🙂



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