The Kitchen of the Future!

Last week in Las Vegas Whirlpool displayed their Kitchen of 2020 at the International Computer Electronics Show. Gadget Geeks and Social Media Butterflies are going to love this!

Do you love to research recipes on Pinterest, tell everyone on Facebook what you’re having for dinner, Skype a dinner date and then post a photo of it on Instagram? Well then you need a Whirlpool Kitchen of 2020. Surfaces act like a touchscreen so it’s like a giant tablet! The interactive surfaces allow you to place the pot or pan anywhere on the surface and it begins to heat up.

Images: Whirlpool

The kitchen also recommends customised recipes based on what food you have! The Smart Vessel holds the food and tracks the quantity, weight and freshness. It will even alert you when your food is nearly decaying, minimising food waste. In fairness, the few bob you would save on food probably wouldn’t get you close to buying the Kitchen 2020. Although Whirlpool haven’t released a price yet. Whirlpool says if there is enough demand we may even get to see the Kitchen of 2020 before 2020.

The first person I know that has a Kitchen of 2020, I’m inviting myself round 😉

x Ciara x


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