I’ve been bold…

I’ve been so bold! I haven’t published a post in a good while. (Thankfully) I’ve been insanely busy with work but I’ve missed the blogging world soooooo much!

Here’s a post,that I started about a week ago. I finally sat down and finished it. YAY!!! It’s all about 2015. I know I’m jumping ahead but 2015’s colour of the year has been announced by Dulux as Copper Blush. It has clearly been influenced by the copper trend, that we’ve being seeing so much of lately.


Although Copper Blush may not necessarily be your ‘go-to’ colour for paint. However it will compliment all those copper accessories, lighting and furniture available (if you haven’t already bought some 😉 ).


Copper Blush’s warm tones are perfect with the textures of metals and metallics. So if you are a fan of the industrial look Copper Blush is ideal and much less predictable than the usual (neutral) suspects! It also compliments a more rustic, natural interior with lots of wood, ceramic and stone.


Here’s more Copper Blush inspo:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks Dulux for all the pretty pictures! 🙂 

x Ciara x


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