Fun Christmas Gift Wrapping. Yes, it can be fun! ;)

So Halloween is over. That only means one thing. Christmas!!! I know it seems like ages away but hey! It brightens up this cold, dark evenings 🙂

Christmas is my busiest time of year. It gets crazy with upholstery jobs, with everybody getting their homes ready for the most wonderful time of year 🙂 So I have started a little bit of gift shopping and I’m trying to wrap them as I go!

I’m not really one for traditional Christmas paper. I spend ages making cool little packages, only to watch them being ripped apart in seconds! But I wouldn’t have it any other way 😉

So I’m going to show you the couple of presents I have wrapped. These are really simple ideas. They don’t take too long and will look so cute under the tree.



All you need here is:
– Brown paper.
– Scissors.
– Sticky tape.
– Glue.
– Black marker (I used a Sharpie).
– Red pom pom.
– 2 Twigs (optional).

Sorry I didn’t take step by step photos so I hope the steps below will help and make sense!

Step 1:
Wrap your gift in brown paper.

Step 2:
Using your glue stick your twigs on at an angle, representing antlers. If you can’t get your hands on some twigs you can draw them on.

Step 3:
With the black marker draw on 2 eyes.

Step 4
Now using the glue stick on the red pom pom.


Pom Pom

This was super easy. I’m sure most of you remember making these as kids but just in case you need a recap, follow the instructions below:

You will need:
– Brown paper.
– Sticky tape.
– Wool.
– A fork (Large).
– Scissors.

Step 1:

Wrap your present in brown paper.


Step 2:

Wrap the wool around the prongs. Not too tightly!


Step 3:

Keep wrapping until it looks nice and full, overlapping the wool.


Step 4:

Between the two middle prongs tie a piece of wool in a knot.


Step 5:

Slip the wool off the fork. It should look like a bow.


Step 5:

Using your scissors cut the looped ends on both sides.


Step 6:

Fluff the wool with your fingers so it looks full. You have your pom pom!


Step 7:

Wrap some wool around the present and tie at the back. Trim off the excess ties. Next tie a piece of wool around the centre of  the pom pom. Double knot it. Now tie it to the string around the parcel and double knot again. And fluff the pom pom back to a nice shape!  Either leave to two piece of wool hanging similar to a ribbon or trim off.



I’ll keep posting as I keep wrapping 🙂

x Ciara x


6 thoughts on “Fun Christmas Gift Wrapping. Yes, it can be fun! ;)

  1. So cool. Once, during leaner times, I made all my gifts and the wrapping using a box of moving/packing sheets with a set of found horsehair brushes and some simple gold and silver paints. Those were the best times…


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