Chalkboard Storage Jars

I really needed some extra storage in my kitchen. As any of my friends will know I have a serious, irrational issue with plastic food containers! So I bought some glass jars. They look like they should be full of colourful sweets. However, I tried to be good and filled them with flour and dried pasta. Boring, I know!

However they look pretty good 🙂 It’s the simplest DIY project ever!


I bought the glass jars in a local shop for… wait for it… €1.50 each! I also bought a roll of chalkboard vinyl ages ago. I think I paid about €5 but it’s widely available in any craft type shop.

For this project you will need:

– Glass Storage Jars.

– Chalkboard/Blackboard Vinyl (you could also use blackboard paint but it’s an untidier job!)

– Pencil.

– Scissors.

– Craft Scalpel/Stanley Knife.

– Chalk.

That’s it!

Step #1

Turn the chalkboard vinyl the wrong way up. You should be looking at the backing paper. Place the lid down and draw around the circumference with your pencil.


Step #2

Cut around the pencil marks. Peel off the backing paper and place it on top of the lid. Carefully use the craft knife (on an angle) to cut off the excess vinyl.


Step #3

Fill your jars and jot down its contents on the lid. #TooSimple


Ta-da! 🙂


x Ciara x


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