Tablescape Inspiration

I could talk about tablescaping all day (don’t worry, I won’t!). It gives your interior loads of character and sets the ambience. Plus it’s only temporary so you can change it to suit the occasion, your mood, season etc.

A tablescape can be used on a variety of surfaces, more commonly coffee table, console table, dining table etc.

Some quick tips to keep in mind are:

Asymmetry. You don’t want it to look too samey!

– Height. Vary the heights of objects so you don’t have a definite horizontal line.

Anchor. Have a focal piece and work around it.

Textures. Various physical and visual textures will add depth.

Fun. Have lots of it! It will show 😉

Check out some table decorations below.

Side Tables & Consoles




Dinner Party Tables

belle maison



Mantelpiece Arrangements




8600520bf198676949825f313b0a078b IMG_7856_1-1

x Ciara x


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