Still Covering School Books in Wallpaper?

I’m guessing you’re not! So I’ve been looking at different ways to use wallpaper this September. I’m going to look at different projects from furniture to final touches. These are great little projects to keep you busy as Autumn draws in.

 Wallpaper Blinds

Now I’m not too sure I’d be brave enough to try this! However if your blinds are a little worse for wear and you’re thinking of replacing them, why not?!

For a step-by-step guide from Elyse from Tinkered Treasures click below:

Wallpaper Table Tops

You can varnish on top of the wallpaper to seal it and make it more durable. Although placing a piece of glass on top is much easier! It’s very affordable, easier to clean and prevents the wallpaper from being stained or torn.

Paper-Topped Table

Wallpaper Clipboards

I love this idea! It’s cheap, simple and so effective. Clip your favourite photos, inspiration images or notes. Even when the clips aren’t being used they are a great feature.


Wallpaper Cabinet

I think every little (and big) princess would love one of these 🙂 Upcycle an old cabinet with paint and wallpaper to store all your beautiful treasures. I’d put a mirror on the inside of one of the doors and store my makeup on the shelves for a makeup station. Oh and maybe add lights! Very Hollywood 😉

Wallpaper Gift Tags

This is such a cute idea. This could also be done with leftover scrapbook paper, serviette etc.

Moos collage

I have a little wallpaper project I’m going to start very soon. When I have it complete I’ll pop it up. Let me know if you try any of these or if you have done a different wallpaper project yourself.

x Ciara x 


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