Studious Spaces

It’s almost school time and you’ll soon be back to your routine. ( I think I can hear the cheers 😉 )  To help the scholars in your home study in a productive, inspiring space I’ve trawled through the web for inspiration.

Study Rooms

Some great ideas for that spare room or that playroom they’ve grown out of.

Study Spaces

When you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to a study. Try some of these ideas that only take up a small space.

It's important to have plenty of natural light when you're working

i like this desk! cool idea to have a cork board behind it!

I Heart Organizing also has lots of helpful tips for organising everything! The blog also hosts lots of free printables from book labels, cleaning schedule, calendars, to do lists etc. Check them out at

Affordable Accessories

Posters can be great reminders of your goals and aims. Try displaying some inspirational quotes to keep spirits high!

For some positive inspiration like the poster below, check out . With prices starting from €9.61 + free shipping they’re really affordable.

Motivational Wall Decor Typography Print “Do Something Today" Letterpress Poster Style Quote Print Home Decor Thankful Quotes Summer Trends

 IKEA PS 2014 Wll rl 118/cont/mgn brd/4 knbs 25mm IKEA

This wall organiser from Ikea is only €27. It’s practical and colourful and takes up very little space!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all those top marks! 🙂

x Ciara x 


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