Reupholster or Replace?

Reupholster or replace? At some point we all ponder this. Now I am biased! I’m an interior designer and upholsterer, so I see first hand the amazing benefits of reupholstery daily. Clients always ask about the benefits of reupholstery. So I’ve compiled some of the major advantages to having your furniture reupholstered.

One of a Kind

Who wants the same furniture as the neighbours? Instead of keeping up with the Jones’, pass them out! 😉 The real beauty of recovering a piece of furniture is you have total control over the design. You can pick any fabric, braid, studs, legs, buttons, cushions etc. The possibilities are endless!



Money, Money, Money

Sometimes people will ask me “Could I could buy a new sofa for that?”. You probably could. However if you have a solid piece of furniture that has already stood the test of time and taken the battering of a growing family, hold onto it!



 Environmentally Friendly

We are all becoming more environmentally aware. We make conscious decisions everyday to reduce, reuse and recycle. By having your furniture recovered rather than dumping it in a landfill, you are doing your bit!



Unlike Beyoncé and her men, some furniture is irreplaceable! Whether it’s because your Grandmother gave you that chair or your chaise is an antique, you know it’s not possible to replace it with a new piece.

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I’m jealous. I’m human. Don’t judge me. </p><br />

Comfort & Quality

Two of the most important aspects to consider when making your decision. Comfort and quality. You should recover your furniture if it is still functional but needs a makeover. If you are happy with how the piece fits the room, its original level of comfort and the quality of the frame it’s a no-brainer to keep it! For example, once your sofa has lasted this long you can be 100% sure it’s far superior to the mass-produced sofas available now. Your sofa will most likely have a crafted, hardwood frame, giving it many, many more years of service to you!

ordinary teal sofa couch for decorate living room color scheme: foxy the color teal


So if you are faced with the decision to transform your old furniture or replace it with a new piece I hope pointing out some of the main benefits to reupholstery will help your decision. And remember when your furniture has been recovered it will look brand new!

x Ciara x 


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