Interior Styling Tips & Tricks – Part 5

So we’ve talked about lots of ways to give your room that ‘designer’ finish. Now there are just a couple more tips to complete your crash course on interior styling.

Tip #7 – Little & Large

For ages we have been told small furniture should be used in a small room. It’s a lie! Small rooms furnished with teeny, tiny sofas and chairs look twice as small. Choosing large (not gigantic) pieces give the illusion of a larger space. Remember in art class when you were  told to fill the page? Fill the room!

Choose statement furniture that fills the room.


This is also true for wallpaper. Go for big, bold prints in small rooms. Again they give the illusion of a big room. If you are a little nervous of this idea, try your downstairs loo first! It’s a small space and if you really don’t like it, it’s not the most important room in the house. But you will love it 😉

This is the wee powder room in Bizzy's glamper. This is so boho glam. The wallpaper is from Nina Campbell Perroquet.............


For many years now, lots of us have been trying to replicate a hotel look with headboards. There’s been lots of  low, wide headboards which look fantastic but totally dwarf the room. In a small bedroom opt for a high headboard. It draws the eye upwards and gives the appearance of a bigger room.

Big Personality


Another aspect that’s bound to shrink your room is a small rug. A rug should be almost be the size of the room. Allow approx. 12″ border from the rug to the wall. A large rug makes the room feel much bigger. You don’t need to opt for something as bold as the rug below but don’t choose a rug a tiny bit bigger than your coffee table!


Tip #8 – Perfect Personality

The most important tip of all. You! Let your personality shine through. The things you like may not be everyone’s cup of tea but who cares?!!!!



As the English writer Arnold Bennett said

“Good taste is better than bad taste, but bad taste is better than no taste”

x Ciara x 


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