Interior Styling Tips & Tricks – Part 4

Ok so we are nearing the end of learning the tricks of the interior design trade. I’m covering a few little topics that are sure to help. I know some may appear obvious (cue rolling eyes 😉 ) but they are often overlooked!

Tip #5 – Less Is More

There has never been a truer statement! If the room is cluttered, the eye struggles to rest on anything. Start to weed out those things that you don’t really like anymore or look a little worse for wear. It doesn’t mean the room has to be bland or boring though. You don’t want to eliminate everything! With your remaining pieces such as ornaments, group them together. Don’t leave them dotted around the room. Remember to group items of various height and size for a more interesting look.


Source: (Photo:Christopher Johnsson)

Tip #6 – Don’t Skimp On Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions can give a room a burst of colour without a major commitment. If you keep your room neutral with the large elements such as walls, flooring, sofa etc. you can transform your room with cushions. When you tire of the colour scheme, invest in new scatters!

However one pair of scatter cushions on a sofa can look lonely. Always use at least two pairs, in contrasting colours, textures and patterns.

35 Amazing Neutral Living Room Designs : 35 Amazing Neutral Living Room Designs With Grey Wall And White Sofa Table Chair Chandelier And Brown Rug And Glass Door And Wooden Floor


For a less formal, more eclectic look gather a small collection of scatters in various styles and sizes. You can go very boho with this idea or keep it slightly more muted for a modern feel.


For that ultimate scatter cushion trick, karate chop the top of the cushion for the perfect plumpness!

You might get a black belt 😉

The last of the interior styling tips and tricks are on the way…

x Ciara x 


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