Interior Styling Tips & Tricks – Part 2

Even if your home has been decorated many moons ago and your budget doesn’t allow for a full overhaul, these tips can really transform your space. They are cost effective and easy to implement!

Tip #3 – Flower Power

Flowers can be a wonderful addition to every room. Now I’m not talking about wilting house plants! Think beautiful bouquets.

Bunches of blooms add instant texture and colour. Let them take on neutral tones or a splash of colour, for a small and temporary focal point. They add immediate life, while creating a fabulous fragrance.

The trick is to have to a bunch of one colour. Or preferably one type of flower. This has much more impact!



Tip #4 – Lots Of Lighting

As most photographers will say “it’s all about the lighting”. Since they are the professionals that aim to make everything look its best, I trust this saying! It also comes into play in interiors. The correct lighting can create a wonderful ambience. A really easy and affordable way to accomplish this is the simple dimmer switch. If you haven’t got one, get one!

You can also enjoy a relaxing, romantic or glamorous ambience with various lighting such as wall sconces, lamps, fairy lights, lanterns, candles etc.



Or try some graters. Yep graters!!!!


I hope this sheds some light on what you can do with that room! (Sorry) 😉

x Ciara x 


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