Interior Styling Tips and Tricks – Part 1

We all have that moment where our room is finally finished! We’ve removed all the masking tape, carefully placed the scatter cushions that we spent hours choosing. The room still doesn’t look quite right. At this moment a little bit of interior styling comes into play. Just the simple placement of a few chosen objects can totally change the room. So I’m going to give you some little tips and tricks that as an interior designer I always use!

Tip #1 – Get Snap Happy

Get your phone or camera out. Start taking snaps of your room, from lots of different angles. This allows you more perspective on the room. Both from a dimensional aspect and a point of view! Try to disconnect yourself from all the hours of work you have put in and how much you now love/hate the design. Look at it from the point of view as you are a reader of a magazine. What would you change? What is it missing?


Tip #2 – Common Colour

Try to use one common colour throughout your home. Or at least through the communal areas. Now this does not justify living in a beige box! Choose your favourite colour and use it as your accent colour. Just little hints of the colour in each room will harmonise the entire space. It unifies your design and shows some thought process. But don’t go wild with it! You don’t want every room to look the same.





Interieur 2014


More tips on the way! 🙂

x Ciara x


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