DIY Jewellery Organiser

If like me you have accumulated  a ridiculous amount of jewellery, you probably have no where to store it! I’ve kept mine in a shoe box, bags, teeny tiny jewellery stands, none of which worked. They became tangled and tarnished. I also never had the patience to root through the masses to find what I was looking for.

So I made a very easy jewellery organiser! It’s so simple it only takes 4 easy peasy steps 🙂


Here’s what you will need to make your own DIY Jewellery Organiser:

  • An old frame.
  • PaintScissors.
  • Fabric. (I’ve chosen hessian/burlap. It works really well with this project. If you want to use a different fabric choose something with a loose weave. It’s easy when applying the hooks).
  • Hand stapler. (If you don’t have a hand stapler you can use a hammer and small nails).
  • Metal curtain hooks. (Available in most haberdashery shops. If you’re local try Eric Craig’s in Arklow or Nolan’s in Gorey).

GetAttachment (23)


Paint your frame. If your frame is already beautiful, it doesn’t need a makeover 🙂


Lay your fabric out flat and put your frame down on top of it. Using your frame as the template, cut the fabric aroung the edge of the frame.



Now turn your frame over, so you’re looking at the back and lay the fabric on top. Secure the fabric to the frame with your staple gun or hammer and nails.


We’re almost there! With the frame turned back over it’s time to apply the hooks to hold your jewellery.

You can apply as many hooks as you wish. Stagger them all over the fabric and at different height levels, as I’m sure all of your jewellery is different lengths!



Now get into magpie mode and organise and display all your shiney accessories 🙂



Ciara x


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